All Poems Pray ~ She Who Watches Inspires Collaboration of Image and Word

Inspired by the Image and Experience of poet and Nature Scout, Judy Todd, who generously shared the story and photo of her pilgrimage into the Columbia Gorge on the Washington side of the river across from The Dalles, Oregon to see the pictograph She Who Watches for the first time.

When Judy sent me the photo it took my breath, as she told me it had taken hers, and the only way I could respond was in the stuttering speech of poetry.

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Visit Judy's website and blog at NatureConnect Excursions~

   Meeting by Judy Todd, Columbia River Gorge 2011~
   Shown with gracious permission.

She Who Watches Shows Herself . . . 
        Opens Her Eyes to Me Now

breath suddenly
taken, my mouth opens
wider and wider
as wide as Her Eyes
i see what She sees forever

coming around the corner
of my tiny life
then drawn into Her
as if She has taken
a cosmic Inbreath
to bring me here,
and having succeeded,
inhales me Whole

wedged between camouflage rocks and wild vegetation,
She sits watching over the river and all the living,
holding place for the spirits of those who have died  

Eyes in Her ears, great lakes in Her eyes,
a face part starving child human,
part Great Mother Bear

She with the eyes of ten open suns
and the ears of ten mountains
has opened Her Self

to Earth, Spirit Protector and Witness,
and Seeing my molecular readiness
She has taken me into Her Soul

may i, by all means, help
to dry Her tears
and comfort Her broken Heart
from the Inside and Out

my eyes keep opening wider and wider
so does my mouth, breath nearly not at all,
how can one see Her seeing her or him and breathe,
yet She is the Giver of breath
and one must continue to breathe in order
to serve Her

my mouth then continues to open
in order to be with Her in Silence

and later to speak without ceasing,
to express Her horror at the self-wounded sorrows
of humanity, that animal species no longer One with itself
or Earth or Her, hardly worthy of the sacred name,
animal  ~an embodied soul~
and also to express Her and my own
still undared but almost hope

            Alla Renée Bozarth

See Photos from the blog of Tom Foster, Pasco, Washington

See close-up by Steve Plattner  

A Way of Waking
The mountain lifts itself
into a gold-rimmed shadow
through a sea of purple fog.
In my mind, I walk the great stone bridge
that spans the world through the colors of dawn
until I forget what I am doing, and
fly into the tasks of the day.
By then, all the birds
of the hemisphere
have awakened.
On the most daring
and beautiful of days,
this is how morning
Alla Renée Bozarth
The Frequency of Light
Copyright © 2018 by Alla Renée Bozarth

Image: West face of Mt. Hood at dawn with the St. Johns Bridge over the Willamette River, just before it flows into the Columbia, and they continue on their way westward as one, to the great sea, the Pacific Ocean. As seen from North Portland in Western Oregon, photographed by Steve Schwindt.

St. Johns Bridge with Mt. Hood by Steve Schwindt Photography, Portland, Oregon