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Gratitude has Heaven in it.

Why write?
To learn and practice more 
Deeply what I’m learning~
To integrate what I think and feel~
To pay the debt I owe to the ancestors~ 
To contribute what I’ve learned to humanity~ 
To help it mend and amend itself 
While I am mending and amending myself. 

"Your cards and notes and comments come from such a deep and holy place, and my similar place responds like a child waking up." 
Elizabeth Oakes

"Alla, thank you for these [poems and writings]. Thank you for watching the world for us." Ruthanne Bullock

Generous readers' response to the writings:

B. Michael St. Jacques You truly live the Gospel and Cry it out with your life and your craft. Your writings, all that I’ve read, are like a Living Stream of Living Water that flows deep from within your soul!
Thank you so much!

"You draw on waters of a well you have dug and filled, with a lifetime of spiritual reflections and observations about the cosmos and the human condition within that cosmos– emerging as  truth  dressed up in the magnificent language of poetry. You minister to us with poetic soul-talk of the highest order. Thank you for finding such a distinctive way to touch and teach me ~ us ~  in so many remarkable ways with your extraordinary spirit. Love, blessings, and shalom, Rolf Menachem Gompertz"

 Chalice Well, Glastonbury/Avalon

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Watercolor by Debra Halprin

Woman on the Verge 

She has already done
all the nurturing.
Things are in bloom. 

The potted plants carry on.
She turns her back on them.
They are sated and do not
feel rejected. 

They are tending themselves.
She gazes ahead into the wild
garden and all the beyond.
Others will go on caring for
what she leaves behind her.
She moves forward into her vision,
unformed and forming.

She wears the flowering sun
for a dress, her arms become
budding branches.

Flowers encircle her,
birds of paradise and
floral bursts fanning
the sunrise on green
waves of creation. 

Flames of creative passion
dance down her arms.
She is becoming herself.
Her hair the deep colors
of night fire or dawn, she begins.

She is not concerned
about hiding from others,
nor does she turn back
to face them.

She allows no intrusions.
She is not distracted
by her own image.

What is behind her
no longer absorbs her
or binds her.

She looks out the window,
not into mirrors.

Out there is the world,
the wild and the solitude also,
free of the negating voices
she sometimes has heard
when alone.

Out there, sunlight and
all the living, and mysteries
of dark and full moon.
Perhaps listening for wings,
she is still, but then
she opens the window. 

She opens the unseen door.
She keeps moving forward
and into the light.

She carries weightless colors
of all future gifts yet to come.
She is ageless now,
on the verge of being
past yearning,
almost ready
to receive them.

       Alla Renée Bozarth
From the unpublished book, Diamonds in a Stony Field  © 2013.

Published books by Alla Renée Bozarth~ covers: 

Paulist Press 1978

Revised Edition 1988 with an Epilogue~ 
"Dancing Under Burning Stars"
containing three new chapters: 
"This is My Beloved," 
"Phoenix" and 
"Coming Home"

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Stars in Your Bones: Emerging Signposts
on Our Spiritual Journeys
by Alla Bozarth (poems), Julia Barkley (paintings)
and Terri Hawthorne (feminist cultural commentary)
North Star Press of St. Cloud 1990


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Between your eyes                           
there is a window                                                          


In the window
  there is a candle


 In the burning
   there is communion


In this
      burning ~
no death
  no separation

Reach into
this intimate
inward flame

And remember
the Light
from which you came

Alla Renée Bozarth
This Mortal Marriage—
Poems of Love, Lament and Praise 
iUniverse 2003

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